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With the cold winter months upon us, it’s essential to have heating oil to warm your home. If you need financial assistance, the Pennsylvania LIHEAP program may be a good option.


The Pennsylvania Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) offers financial aid to households to help pay for heating oil bills through energy assistance and crisis grants. Situations that qualify for the program include:

  • Heating equipment or leaking lines in need of repair or replacement.
  • Loss of utility service because of unpaid bills.
  • Non-functional heating equipment due to damage to the equipment.
  • The danger of not having fuel — you have less than a 15-day supply.
  • The danger of utility service termination. In these cases, you may receive a notice that your service will be shut off within the next two months.
  • Low home fuel levels.

The payment will be made directly to your heating company. To be eligible for the program, you:

  • Must be a Pennsylvania resident.
  • Must be in need of income assistance to meet heating costs.
  • Must be able to meet income eligibility standards of income.
  • Can own or rent your home.
  • Don’t have to be on public assistance.
  • Don’t need to have a pending heating bill.

How to Apply for LIHEAP

There are several different ways to apply for LIHEAP:

When you apply, make sure you have all the necessary documents. You’ll need to include information on your application about the people who reside in your household, including their names, dates of birth and social security numbers. You’ll also need to provide your most recent heating bill and proof of household income.

How to Use Oakland Fuel Oil, LLC on Your LIHEAP Application

If you get heating oil from us, it’s very important for you to list us as your heating oil vendor on your LIHEAP application. This ensures that as your heating oil provider, Oakland Fuel Oil will receive the funds.

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